Free delivery when you buy 2 or more jars
Free delivery when you buy 2 or more jars


Do you have questions about You're A Smart Cookie Vegan Cookie Dough? Here's some answers!

What makes your cookies/dough vegan?

You're A Smart Cookie Vegan products contain NO animal products or animal byproducts. 

Are your products at risk of cross-contamination with dairy or eggs?

There is no risk of cross-contamination for our products. Smart Cookie Vegan is committed to keeping people with egg/dairy allergies safe.

Can I eat the raw dough?

Yes! It is safe to eat raw because the dough is vegan and the flour has been heat treated and is free of foodborne illnesses. So enjoy it right out of the jar, on a spoon or scooped into yummy recipes.

Are your products gluten-free?

Not yet. Hopefully soon we will offer a gluten free option.

Do your products contain soy?

Yes. The vegan butter we use does contain soy.

Are the sugars you use vegan?

They sure are! The sugars in our recipes are 100% vegan--bone char free.

 How long will the dough last after opening? Does it need to be kept cold?

The cookie dough should be refrigerated and eaten within 3-4 weeks. The dough will begin to lose moisture after this time period. Also make sure to seal tightly after opening. Unopened dough can be kept in the freezer approximately 9-12 months. 

How many cookies does one jar make?

That depends on the size. Typically 1 oz size scoops make about 15-18 cookies.

Why aren't my cookies done baking-it's been 8 mins?

Ovens may vary. Baking times listed on the jar are approximate. Typically, a batch can take between 8-14 minutes depending on your oven, the type of cookie sheet you use and your preference for crispiness.

Can you provide your product for my event?

Absolutely! Often people struggle with what treats to provide for their vegan guests. We would love to work with you for your event. Reach out via email at 

If you have any additional questions please email them to